The hearts of people and the structures of society
are so in need of healing and hope.
The amazing thing is that Hope has come and Hope still lives among us.

Hope has a name: Jesus.

As Daughters of St. Paul, we know how to create a space for an encounter with Hope, a meeting with Jesus, wherever a person might be. A word. A prayer. A book. A song. A radio program. A webpage. An online conference or retreat. An email mini-course. 160 sisters, Daughters of St Paul across the US and English Speaking Canada, personally point people toward Hope, toward Jesus, who personally cares for each one.

We’re on a mission to transform a world darkened by sin with the glorious hope found in Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

"In proclaiming Jesus and the Gospel to the masses, 
Blessed James Alberione saw the most authentic and necessary love 
that one can offer to men and women thirsty for truth and justice.” 

Pope Francis,To the Pauline Family, 2014

Living Christ. Giving Christ. Today.
Join us in making the difference the world needs.