Partnerships in Religious Formation


For over 100 years our religious community has shared the Gospel message through all available forms of media. Since the time of our foundation we have been blessed with the entrance of young women yearning to share our journey of evangelization. Yet with this blessing come the costs associated with forming and educating our sisters.

Formation is at the heart and soul of how one lives and grows within a religious community. Younger and mature sisters sustain our mission, as our elder sisters did for those who came before them. It’s an ongoing gift. Yet the continuation of this gift requires investment in the formation of the younger generation, so these sisters can grow in knowledge and learn to live the values of dedicated Daughters of St. Paul. 

We invite you to help sponsor the formation of a sister who has begun her life of service to Christ and the Church as a Daughter of St. Paul. 

Average Cost per Sister

Available Resources

Unfunded Balance

Each Sister: $16,268




$6,643 (per sister)

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