We all wish to make wise use of the resources in our control, especially at the end of our lives. Gift planning provides an opportunity to make a testament to our family and friends that demonstrates our values, and to support the organizations that will continue to live out our values after we've gone.

People of every income level can accomplish and benefit from a Planned Gift. Planned Giving encompasses a variety of ways that gifts can be made to the Community. The Daughters of St. Paul is an excellent resource when making plans for the wise distribution of the resources in your care

Include Us in Your Will: By making a bequest in your will, you may assign any amount to the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Paul free of estate tax. You can designate a dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. We recommend that you obtain counsel of professional advisors and an attorney who specializes in estate planning. 

Living Trust: A living trust allows you to provide for yourself and your family before and after your death. A living trust can work very well with your estate plan because of its built-in flexibility.

Wills and trusts are completely revocable. You can change or terminate them anytime. However, unlike wills, a living trust can be implemented immediately.

You can make a contribution to the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Paul through a living trust by naming us as the trust’s beneficiary. You retain complete control of this asset during your lifetime


Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets: If you’re like many people, your financial future will likely revolve around your retirement plan assets. To maximize the value of a retirement account, consider making a lifetime gift of its after-tax value to a tax-exempt deferred giving plan. 

Insurance Policy Gifts: When you first purchased life insurance you probably were trying to protect your loved ones from life’s uncertainties. However, the coverage you needed then may not be so important today. A gift of your life insurance could be a generous way to remember the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Paul 

Contact Information: 

Telephone: To make a gift by telephone, please call Sr. Edward Marie Smith: 617.676.4415.

Mail: To mail your gift, please include your name, address and telephone number along with credit card payment, cash, check or money order. 

Gifts may be mailed to: 
Daughters of St. Paul
Mission Advancement Office
50 St. Paul’s Ave.
Boston, MA 02130


If you have any questions or need assistance, you may contact our Treasurer’s Office by phone 617-676- 4415); fax (617-524-8648); email (give@paulinemedia.com)